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MY-Account powered by DepositionNet

powered by DepositionNet our MY-Account feature seamlessly ties your firm's transcription to the case, billing and document management functionality of the DepositionNet data engine. You have complete control over access to statements, invoices and documents, from the firm level down to the individual level. You dictate complete control over who has access to what by individual user ID.  Utilizing the MY-Account feature powered by DepositionNet, you can access all your transcripts by:

*Invoice Number       *Inspect Invoices
*Case Name               *Review Account Statement
*Witness                     *Review Pending Work
*Text search              *Submit New Jobs On-line

Press the "approved for payment" button and your invoice is directed to your accounts payable department or your claim-rep or to a PayPal function.  Press the "invite now" button and invite a party to view a transcript with you in a matter of seconds.

powered by DepositionNet - when you use MY-Account @ Deitz Reporting, you have access to your transcripts in various formats; including standard web browser, RealLegal and PDF viewers.  You do nothing to collect the database - it simply is there for you when you need it. 

Information is power. You maintain access to your information & you gain control over your transcript data base. In today's world of instant access and data-mining, you get an edge only available with MY-Account powered by DepositionNet.


powered by DepositionNet

DepositionNet, introduced in 1999, is the FIRST WebBased solution to managing "YOUR Transcript Library."  It is the FIRST WebBased solution to transcript access by multiple document reading softwares.  It is the ONLY solution to gaurantee document readablity from ANY Internet device.

Accessibility  Collaboration  Convenience  Access 

Exclusive use of Jay Deitz & Associates for all your court reporting needs will ensure access to all of your transcripts all of the time.

Utilizing DepositionNet's incredible database power as our backbone, and adapting a powerful MY-Account front end portal, Jay Deitz & Associates exclusively delivers a tool that is unmatched in the court reporting industry. 

Free up your office for people, not paper. And as your database of transcription grows, so does the value of DepositionNet & MY-Account.